The Short List

I recently realized a need to restructure my blog area to better support my active interests.  Limited time is keeping me from setting this up in an ideal fashion, but I think this is an instance where doing something is better than doing nothing.  I’ve restructured this arena from the default WordPress layout of blog entries in reverse chronological order to a page that will list my most active, front-of-mind projects, and perhaps a few links to pages that seem to be especially popular.  Yes, this is for my convenience, but it does seem like most of my traffic is search engine generated, and that shouldn’t be impacted in any fashion.  Love it or hate it, it’s what I’ve got at the moment!



These pages rank highest among my landing pages according to Google Analytics (2014-Jan-15).  Yes these should be dynamic.  Yes it is silly to have these specified this way.  Surprisingly though, these have remained fairly consistent among my most viewed posts.

Bucket List

This post is a central repository for things I’ve encountered that I’d like to do or see in my lifetime.  I’d like to figure out a good way to incorporate some things from external sites and services that would also fit well with this theme, such as my Untappd wishlist, but that is seated firmly in “the future”.

Further Reading

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