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Bucket List

Posted August 16, 2014 By Landis V

It’s difficult for me to start a specific “bucket list”, as I want to do just about everything that can be done, and see just about everything that can be seen, but I realized this afternoon that I didn’t have a central repository for these kinds of “someday” things.  So I decided to start one.

Places To See/Visit

This is a list of places I’d like to see or visit in my travels, both in the continental US and worldwide.

Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, AZ

Ran across a few pictures of this area while surfing around today.  Beautiful.

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This was interesting, and I think I’ve heard something along these lines before.  I’ve tinkered a bit with mind maps in the past but not extensively.  I’ve intended to do more content creation, so this may be a means to that end that would be worth a try with only a small time investment.

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Nice aggregation of links.  Some of these look like they would be fun.

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I heard about making one’s own candi sugar from a friend today, so this made my list as well.  I’m pleasantly surprised at how straightforward it is, and another item on the seemingly endless list of things one can learn without half trying once introduced to the hobby of brewing.

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BerkeleyX edX courses

Posted January 12, 2013 By Landis V – Introduction to Statistics:  Descriptive Statistics – Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation

Ran across these while looking at Scratch as something my kids might be interested in at some point.  I’ve always wanted to take a statistics course… this might be just the opportunity I have been looking for (if I can find the time 🙁 )

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