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Interesting walk through comparing R with Excel, and looking at how to do some of the same things, with additional links to a quick start on the language.

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A few open tabs

Posted April 3, 2014 By Landis V

Time to close some browser tabs that I’ve finished reading and either found interesting or might want to come back to in the future. A few handy garden and outdoor enjoyment tricks for little money. Just an interesting read, struck a chord. Mr. Malty, starter process I used for my Wyeast 1388 for my BOMM mead (starter recipe came from the BOMM as well). Thread on refractometer calculation adjustments after fermentation has begun.

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The gravity of beer…

Posted October 26, 2013 By Landis V
Having a "little" beer.

Having a “little” beer… but not the one under measurement.

I borrowed a hydrometer and tested the gravity of the beer I’ve had bubbling away in a carboy in my basement since early May.  Yes, it has actually been running that long.  I’ve heard from a few folks that the wort (donated by a local brewery) was on the rich side.  Seems we’re getting close to finishing up now, not a lot of bubbling but still a few now and then.

The measurements were taken on 10/26/13 with the wort (is it still technically wort after five months and nearing the end of the process?) around 65°.  Unfortunately I don’t have an original gravity reading right now, but I hope to get one from someone else who worked with wort of the same lineage after next Saturday.

Watching the beer develop has piqued my interest enough that I’ve placed some orders with Midwest Supplies and Northern Brewers.  You can read up on the gravity calculations and how the alcohol content of the final product here if you are interested.  I’m still very much a novice, but the process is interesting enough I might actually take the time to see if I can understand all the influences involved – air and liquid temperature, densities of the initial and finished product, and several others I probably wouldn’t have thought about initially.

We sampled the uncarbonated beer after the measurements, and the flavor is unique but not bad.  There’s enough jalapeno in it that you get the flavor without the burn.  Somehow it comes across to me as having a salty taste.  Looking forward to bottling it in the near future and eventually seeing how it comes out once it has some carbonation.

Gravity reading from 10/26/13 near the end of fermentation on my first batch of beer.  Wort around 65°, better picture than the previous one.

Gravity reading from 10/26/13 near the end of fermentation on my first batch of beer. “Wort” around 65°.

Potential alcohol reading on the hydrometer, 10/26/13.  There's not a whole lot of "potential" left.

Potential alcohol reading on the hydrometer, 10/26/13. There’s not a whole lot of “potential” left.

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Encryption news: What you need to know

Posted August 21, 2013 By Landis V

Need to read the MIT linked article here, interesting cut from their paper.

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Very amusing :).

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BerkeleyX edX courses

Posted January 12, 2013 By Landis V – Introduction to Statistics:  Descriptive Statistics – Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation

Ran across these while looking at Scratch as something my kids might be interested in at some point.  I’ve always wanted to take a statistics course… this might be just the opportunity I have been looking for (if I can find the time 🙁 )

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