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This is an interesting tidbit to run across, and something I’ve been looking forward to for a while.  I never found running classic KeePass under WINE to be a particularly enjoyable experience, but since I only use KeePass 2.x files (I often forget why, but there’s some reason that I remember every time I read through the differences) I was stuck with that as my only option.  Will have to see if I can get this to compile and run, and then see what I can come up with for options on my Android.

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Shows how to find the address of the DHCP server that issued your current lease on a Mac.

Similar to ‘show ip dhcp lease’ on Cisco, ‘ipconfig /all’ on Windows, or one of… well, I guess I’m not sure how to tell with dhcpcd  OR dhclient under Linux.  Something else to figure out at some point.

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Printing in black and white.  Probably would have figured this one out if I had looked around long enough, but it just seems to be more intuitive (to me) on Windows and Linux.  One of the things I’ve found most interesting about this experience thus far is, for the claim I’ve often heard that Mac is just simpler and more intuitive… for me, it’s not.  There’s a fair chance that that experience could change as I become more accustomed to the way Apple has laid out the environment, but as a crossover… it’s not that way for me 🙂

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I bought a Mac

Posted May 7, 2012 By Landis V

I recently purchased an older iMac to get some one-on-one time with the interface, just in case I ever have a need to know or the time and focus to work on a project I have an idea for that I would like to compile natively across several environments.  It’s a bit of an odd setup, probably especially for an iMac.  I have an existing el cheapo KVM switch that I use with a Windows and a Linux box, and I have a wireless keyboard designed for Windows that’s tied into that system.  Makes the keyboard mappings just a little more interesting.

So, from time to time, I’ll be posting things tagged with “useful Mac links” providing links or information I’ve found useful/interesting/annoying as I work with the Mac, from the perspective of someone who frequently gets under the hood on other platforms, prefers the shell to a GUI, and engineers IP networks as a day job.

A couple of interesting things I’ve run across thus far.

  • ‘ls –color’ is a non-entity on Snow Leopard’s bash shell.  I miss this one quite a bit.  It was a quick and easy differentiator of regular files, executable files, directories, and compressed files.
    EDIT: I discovered that ‘ls -G’ provides this functionality on Mac.
  • Windows Key + UpArrow (/DownArrow) appears to let you scroll in a Mac terminal with a Windows keyboard, and Alt + PgUp (/PgDown) appear to provide pagewise scroll, as opposed to Shift + PgUp/PgDown in Linux.
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