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Ravi’s Response to the Boston Tragedy | RZIM

Posted August 26, 2013 By Landis V

Another interesting article I ran across this evening after hearing our pastor mention Ravi this morning.  A good read, though there are still areas I find challenging.  I have many hangups with the consideration that we are called to judge outside of natural law, and it seems to me this ventures a bit beyond natural law judgment.  I understand the premise, I’m just not convinced it is acceptable.

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I think this article hits it spot on in a lot of ways, and is a good goal for any Christian – or any human for that matter.  It’s certainly not easy; even “possible” is questionable given our fallen nature.  The series/course would be an interesting read given the time.

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William James – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Posted April 21, 2012 By Landis V

Charles Renouvier

via William James – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This should lead to some further reading on the aforementioned Renouvier and Will To Believe/Free Will

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A few really late night thoughts on Genesis 5

Posted July 4, 2011 By Landis V

I’ve had the intention of locating a Bible for some time now, and have finally sought alternative reference beyond  the paper copy.  I don’t expect to get far this evening, nor probably any evening as my time is limited, but I do believe it will be a thought-provoking and interesting read.  One of the things that has caught my mind this evening as I have managed to read through to at least Gen 5 this evening, and as I have also recently read an article regarding timekeeping, was the ages of Adam, Seth, and their descendants.  I’m noting these here for my full consideration later.  These are based upon reading from, Genesis –  This is the tree of Adam -> Seth -> Enos -> Cainan -> Mahalaleel -> Jared -> Enoch -> Metheuselah -> Lamech.

Adam:  930 years (Gen 5:5)
Seth: 912 years (Gen 5:8)
Enos:  905 years (Gen 5:11)
Cainan: 910 years (Gen 5:14)
Mahalaleel:  895 years (Gen 5:17)
Jared:  962 years (Gen 5:20)

Now, I started into some confusion at this point as Jared begat Enoch, as Cain had also begat Enoch, but my assumption is that this is simply a reuse of name, as is common in modern day naming schemas and trends (i.e., the naming after a grandfather, or great great (great… etc.) uncle in this case).  In any case, I will continue the aging test in this case as a note to consider my point, under the assumption that the relationship between Jared and Enoch in this case is none other than father/son.

Enoch:  365 years (Gen 5:23)

Noted again the naming pattern.  Enoch begat Metheuselah (similar base to Metheusael, begat by Enoch of Cain, and herein begin more interesting twists that really start to confuse with apparent reversal, with Lamech begat by Metheuselah).

Metheuselah:  969 years (Gen 5:27)
Lamech:   777 years (Gen 5:31)

And here I will begin Genesis 6, and that will be all for this (late) evening.  I found it of interesting note that there are also some moderate parallels with the Fibonacci sequence in the verses.  There is a strong probability that my familiarity with this pattern and the human need/impulse to seek out patterns have an impact on my observation thus.  I haven’t had a chance (nor, really, have I done enough reading) to look at the comparisons with the leap second phenomena I had read about recently that I don’t believe I’ve yet posted my notes on, but may get to in the future.

All I can do this evening.  Will pick up with Gen 6 at some undetermined point in the future.

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