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LaView CUBE camera system

Posted November 14, 2015 By Landis V

Bought one of these a while ago.  It’s alright.  Not particularly secure, software is annoying, and I think there’s a lot more that can be done with it.  Gradually working on improving it, this post will capture random notes on it.

Bought tinyCam Monitor Pro in the Play store when it was on sale a while back, fought with cameras for a bit before giving up.  Came back to it for a bit today and was able to make it work with the following settings:

  • Camera vendor:  (Generic)
  • Camera model:  Generic URL
  • JPEG/MPEG/RTSP request:  rtsp://ip.addr.or.hostname:554/H264?ch=(1-8)&subtype=1
    • Where ip.addr.or.hostname is the IP or hostname of the LaView device and (1-8) is the channel/camera number you wish to add.
  • Protocol: RTSP over UDP (MPEG/H264/H265)
  • Username: valid username on device (default “admin”)
  • Password: valid password for username provided above (default for admin “123456”)

ONVIF Device Manager on SourceForge, appears to provide an NVR for network video forwarding and storage on port 8000.  Not  a ton of info on the port/protocol, but did run across it in the setup.

Somewhat relevant manual:

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MythTV, XBMC, misc.

Posted May 11, 2012 By Landis V

Seriously, can’t Mac just use Ctl+V/Ctl+X/Ctl+C?  Thought they had a “control” key as well, in addition to the poison apple and the cloverleaf.  Guess I’ll have to check.

After a bit of a hiatus, getting back into MythTV a little bit.  This time, just going to set up backend on a PC I always have running anyway, and as noted in the second link, run XBMC as a Myth frontend.  Since I finally bought a TV from the modern era, I ordered a video card with an HDMI output and am thinking I can get an XBMC set up as a frontend so we can DVR the very small handful of shows I actually kind of give a damn about watching.

I’ve also been doing some research and playing with Joomla, as it seems like it may be a better platform for my most recent web endeavor than WordPress.  As much as I like WordPress and am relatively comfortable with it, there are some layout things that I think would take additional work in WordPress that I can just do or use a plugin for in Joomla.  I could probably make WP do what I want, but I think I’d probably have more time in that than I would in learning Joomla and implementing the plugins I need to deliver the experience I’m looking for.  Plus, without digging into the backend and really building an understanding of the platform, I’m not comfortable with my ability to build out the changes I want securely.  At layer 2 or 3 of the OSI, I have enough experience to trust my judgment, even cross platform.  At layer 7 (8?), I question myself a little more.  I’m not comfortable in situations where I can’t trust my own judgment.

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Posted February 22, 2010 By Landis V Awesome video.  Rainbow waves in the sky.

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