IR remote controls revisited

I posted a while back about building a device to use as a universal remote control, where I could program commands that were relevant to devices in my living room, and have since been thinking about taking further actions towards integrating them with Alexa. I have a Harmony Hub, but the whole scene thing just doesn’t do what I really want – or does so in a kludgy fashion – most of the time. I’ve run across a few things in the past few days that might be useful in furthering the concept. The webmote link in my previous post may also be a viable option, since I’ve picked up some Arduinos and a tinker kit since I posted that – hoping it contains an IR receiver.

Right now, just need to get some tabs closed out, so posting a few of the relevant links I’ve run across so I can revisit them later.
Irdroid USB Infrared Transmitter, around $30
Irdroid-RPi Transceiver, around $20
irkit open source IR transceiver

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