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Mounting VirtualBox RAW disks

Cleaning up some VMs this evening and wanted to mount a RAW disk partition I’d been using with an old VM. Surprised to find that a simple ‘mount’ wouldn’t do the trick. Fortunately pretty easy thanks to the info at the following link – use parted to get the offset and add that as one […]

hostapd in a VM for device testing

While working with my Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener the other day, I ran into issues getting hostapd to work on Kali with the chap ass Netis WP2120 nano USB adapter I had (based on the RTL8192cu chipset/driver).  I need to clear off a few browser tabs and eventually see if I can get hostapd working with […]

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener Testing

Got a great deal on some Chamberlain MyQ wifi garage door openers recently.  As I’m setting them up, I really want to see what kind of conversations they have, so I’ll be making a few notes.  As usual, I’ll be working with my VM setup, using Kali in this case. I have a Netis WF2120 […]

More 434MHz stuff to look at later

Acurite #0899 self emptying rain gauge – at Amazon Blog post on reversing the signal from Acurite temperature sensors; may be similar for the rain gauges.  Also mentions the RTL SDR.  Probably wouldn’t be bad to have. Another blog post regarding reading the Acurite 5n1 station.  Possible that part of this will already cover the rain […]

On Networks N150R Routers

Picked up a couple of these from Newegg for free plus a couple of bucks shipping after rebate.  Figured that in combination with a couple of relays on the GPIOs, I could probably use them for switches or work with the serial port for a sensor connection.  Just a few notes on them. OpenWRT 15.05 […]

More Pogoplug E02 uBoot Work

I’ve written a few times about configuring Pogoplug devices to work with uBoot and Linux.  Recently I’ve run into some problems with one of my Pogoplug E02 devices, where it would no longer boot to the attached USB drive, and didn’t seem to be booting properly to the native firmware either.  Finally got around to […]

VM System With VGA Pass-Through

Hardware hangup note for Ctrl+C to get past. http://www.reddit.com/r/debian/comments/25h49k/debain_wheezy_network_installation_freezes_after/ Configured LVM environment with /home, /usr/, and /var on spinning platter drive. Configured an IP reservation on my DHCP server, though I may change this to a true static address at some point. Instructions for linux-headers and virtualbox setup:  https://wiki.debian.org/VirtualBox Downloaded the extension pack with wget […]