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Updating US Cellular Galaxy S4 w/ Vanir ROM

My wife’s phone was having some space issues that I finally got around to looking at today.  I recently upgraded my S5 to a 32GB SD card and it gave me plenty of space, so I was surprised when I checked hers and saw that it already had a 32GB card.  Had I looked a […]

Android VPN Articles and References

Looking towards configuring StrongSwan as an IPSec VPN endpoint for Android.  The long-term goal is to set up a VPN configuration in which the phone automatically forwards all traffic through the IPSec VPN tunnel to be routed via my home connection unless 1.) the phone is connected to my private wireless network (perhaps one dedicated […]

What shareholders want

Of course one can’t speak for all things desired by all shareholders in most cases, as that is generally a very large and often diverse group.  It’s a little like describing “what women want” – you can’t speak for all of them, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to offend at least some of them.  I […]