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More Pogoplug E02 uBoot Work

I’ve written a few times about configuring Pogoplug devices to work with uBoot and Linux.  Recently I’ve run into some problems with one of my Pogoplug E02 devices, where it would no longer boot to the attached USB drive, and didn’t seem to be booting properly to the native firmware either.  Finally got around to […]

Pogo Mobiles, SiliconDust HDHomeRun, and cabling

Last night I finally got around to doing a little bit with the Pogo Mobile units I had installed Debian on.  Not much so far, just got dnsmasq loaded on the unit that will become my DHCP and DNS server (replacing the same functionality on my router, so the next time I swap out a […]

U-Boot w/ MMC/SD-card booting for Pogoplug Series 4

http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?3,7477,10982 Just bought one of the mobile units today.  This thread appears to have some instructions on getting Debian set up on the SD.  Will have to come back to it when the unit arrives and I have a couple of minutes.  Thinking this could make a great router/firewall.

Arch Linux ARM • View topic – Pogo V4 A101 Mobile Hardware Mods?

http://archlinuxarm.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=6040 I picked up a couple of POGO-V4-A1-01’s from eBay for $7.50 apiece shipped and thought I might try using them for sensor devices and/or generic simple alerting systems.  The hardware mod listed in this forum will be very helpful in adding another interface to the device, as my understanding is that it will only […]

1-Wire USB Interface – CodeProject

USB-Serial CH340 via 1-Wire USB Interface – CodeProject. I’ve been wanting to do some temperature sensing/tracking for some time, and this looks like the way to do it. I’ve ordered some CH340’s off of eBay for $.99 each and bid on some DS18B20 1-wire sensors at about $1.20 each. My hope is to be able […]

Pogo unit as headless barcode scanner

Now that I have a couple of Pogo devices up and running with at least a basic Linux OS, I’m starting to think about getting one of them running as a headless USB barcode scanner.  I installed usbutils on the Pogo (‘sudo apt-get install usbutils’) and am able to view its details with a ‘lsusb’, […]

Revisiting the POGO-E02 for ownCloud and storage

In a recent post, I reconfigured one of my POGO-E02 devices to run Linux (also in a much older post, but I intend to go back and revisit that device with the updated process at some point).  I have reccently replaced my laptop (OfficeMax had a pretty impressive flash sale on a Gateway with an […]