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I hate it when I’m away from home and either the ISP or some of my equipment glitches, necessitating a reboot or two.  I have enough systems in place that I should be able to automate this process.  To do so, I need to get some remotely controllable equipment, create the state diagram (not good if I power cycle one of the network components required to reach the remote switch and it doesn’t come back up!), and write the scripts to run the logic.

I’d also like to have easily accessible power switches in my data closet so I can power cycle the devices without having to pull them down and unplug the power from the back of them.

Hardware components I’ve looked at

SainSmart 16 channel web relay – at Amazon.  This could work if installed between the transformer block and the switches.

Ethernet relay on eBay, claims to be AC250V @ 10A, though that would probably be pushing it.  Would have to look up the specs on the relays they used.  For the watt draw on the AC, depending upon the size, might be able to install it inside a large surge protector housing and wire the outlets through it.

Controllable Four Outlet Power Relay Module – at Adafruit.  Not network connected, and would require some other device to control it.  But most likely UL listed and designed to handle AC.

Ended up finding a Digital Loggers LPC-3 on eBay for $57 shipped that should do the job nicely.  Manual is here.

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Posted March 13, 2015 By Landis V

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MAKE | Dropping a Magnet Through a Copper Pipe

Posted April 19, 2012 By Landis V

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Know Thyself

Posted April 4, 2012 By Landis V

I have roughly conjectured on this at times.  I find it all too feasible.  As the individual who linked to the above page noted in their comment, “The world is full. Further economic growth is neither possible nor desirable. “

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Posted December 18, 2009 By Landis
Had this link saved from before, need to look at it again.

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OpenCongress – Congress Gossip Blog

Posted July 7, 2008 By Landis V
    Here’s some absolute crap. The Detroit News gets it. My time is worth more than 12 bucks an hour.
Congress needs to stop trying to regulate economics and pay attention to what they’re doing in regulations on commerce. The former governs itself very well, following the law of supply and demand to the letter when we don’t interfere with it. The latter, they might take a lesson from the former on, and work towards letting it govern itself.
Another interesting thought came to mind while I was writing this – what energy-related exports are we subsidizing right now? Considering the number of products that are petroleum based (plastic, anyone?), there are potential savings here. You’ll never see that questioned, though… too much fat in subsidies.
The long and short of it? Let the market work, and it will.
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