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Trying to build a useful home calendar

Posted April 25, 2016 By Landis V

One of the things I’ve been planning/intending to do is build a home calendar that shows all of our events at a glance, and to run it on a tablet or something similar.  We use Google calendars for most of our events, and since the intent is to show us everything that is going on, we’ll need to be able to authorize and authenticate to multiple calendars, pull the events, and display them.

One of the threads that either got me started thinking about this or was one of the first things I ran across when I had the idea was this one on Reddit.  I have a couple of Pi’s, and had generally planned on using one of them (and may yet for a similar design on a TV with a little more functionality), but ended up picking up an RCA Cambio tablet at Wal Mart for around a Benjamin, so I didn’t really need to fiddle around with adding a screen, mounting, network connectivity, etc.

The above thread led me to what I believe will work for the dashboard interface –  While I have a distant familiarity with JSON and XML, I don’t work with it enough to be particularly good at it, and I’m pretty much completely unfamiliar with the Google APIs and how to call them, so I wanted to note a few links that were helpful as I was working through the process.

Code that actually ended up working to pull the basic info from a public calendar (just grabs “id” now):


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Interesting walk through comparing R with Excel, and looking at how to do some of the same things, with additional links to a quick start on the language.

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Couple of things to note today

Posted September 25, 2013 By Landis V

Kali Linux – successor to BackTrack –

Should probably spend some time playing around with Ruby a little bit.

DbVisualizer – looks very handy for quick analysis of databases –

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BerkeleyX edX courses

Posted January 12, 2013 By Landis V – Introduction to Statistics:  Descriptive Statistics – Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation

Ran across these while looking at Scratch as something my kids might be interested in at some point.  I’ve always wanted to take a statistics course… this might be just the opportunity I have been looking for (if I can find the time 🙁 )

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