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Posted March 20, 2012 By Landis V

I maintain a Google map of Nebraska State Parks so I can keep track of locations I have visited and have yet to visit (available here if you are interested.  This evening, I ran across this site, which provides the ability to generate a variety of icons with different background colors.  This is handy, as it allows me to use the same icon for sites I have already visited and those I have yet to visit.  Unfortunately, I think I’m going to need to do some additional work to see all the things I would like to see in the map, and I suspect what I will really need to do is generate several different maps to allow me to sort and view as I would like.

I tried making notes within the individual placemarkers on my map to indicate such things as primitive campsites, lakes, and places  I have visited.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that you can search within a particular user-created map, with or without including a general search.  For example, I have noted my marker/description for my Gallagher Canyon location with “Lake”.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be indicated in the search results, or if it is, it’s too buried in the overall results to be apparent.

I’ll have to see what I can make work when I get further time, as I think that’s at an end for tonight.  Always a shortage of that commodity.

In any case, I will now be using the following icons in the map to help at least differentiate between unimproved and regular sites, and sites with lakes or ponds where possible.   Hopefully more to come later, and eventually I guess I’ll have to break the lake sites, primitive sites, visited sites, and the like out into their own individual maps.



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