LG BD-530 Remote Control AKB73215301

I recently took the battery out of my LG remote control to do some minor modifications to the case and lost the programming for the small set of functions that work with the TV. There’s not much on the web directly about this, and it’s pretty simple, so I thought I’d throw a quick note up here to save someone 5 minutes in the future.

Here’s a picture of the remote in question.


To program the remote, simply hold down the TV POWER button in the top right corner and press the manufacturer code button for your TV with the numerical buttons (see the table below).

LG: 1 (default), 2
Zenith:  1, 3, 4
GoldStar: 1, 2
Samsung: 6, 7
Emerson: 6
Sony:  8, 9
Hitachi:  4
Westinghouse: 6, 9 (Thanks Stacey, DB)
Magnavox:  2 (Thanks Michael)
Phillips:  12 (Thanks Benjamin)

Then release the TV POWER button to complete programming.


  1. Comment by Adel:

    What about other brands? I have Toshiba. I tried all possibilities, but didn’t work. Any idea?

  2. Comment by Landis:

    The codes listed in the post were the only ones in the manual. Other brands may or may not work with those options. You might try each of the codes and see if any of them give you at least partial functionality. If not, you’re probably out of luck excluding something like the Logitech Harmony (link is to the 300, which is at the low end of the Harmony series).

  3. Comment by Stacey:

    Thanks for this. Westinghouse is 6.

  4. Comment by Landis:

    Thanks, Stacey, I added this information to the post as well.

  5. Comment by michael:

    magnavox was default 2 for me

  6. Comment by Landis V:

    Thanks Michael – added this information to the post.

  7. Comment by Benjamin:

    Phillips TV is 12

  8. Comment by Benjamin:

    Phillips TV is #12

  9. Comment by Landis V:

    Thanks for the information Benjamin, updated the post to include it!

  10. Comment by korisa:

    You rock! Thanks so much!

  11. Comment by Cara:

    I need a code for my jvc tv. Can anyone help.

  12. Comment by DB:

    westinghouse also 9

  13. Comment by Landis V:

    Thanks DB, updated to include. Cara, if you find the code for your JVC, please advise and I’ll include it in the list as well.

  14. Comment by Korisa:

    Thanks so much!! So helpful!!

  15. Comment by Helpingnwla:

    Thanks so much

  16. Comment by hugo:

    Thanks Benjamin!

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