West Bend 84386 Oblong 6 Qt Slow Cooker Lid

We recently had the lid for our West Bend model 84386 6qt crockery cooker shatter, and I am amazed at how difficult it was to locate a replacement.  Apparently the original stock has been completely wiped out and there’s nothing directly being marketed as an aftermarket replacement.  The cooker is too nice to just throw out, so we ended up doing some hunting and measuring.  I ended up ordering a “HB083 Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Crock Pot And Slow Cooker Replacement Oval GlassLid” from here (ThePartsBiz.com), which measures 12 1/4″ by 9 3/4″ and claims to fit the Hamilton Beach models 33162, 33162R, 33162RZ, 33164, 33164TC, and 33165.

Turns out, it was a pretty good fit.  Not absolutely perfect, but the rubber gasket around the rim of the new lid is pretty forgiving and doesn’t leave much of an observable gap.  It breathed new life into a cooker we  hated to lose for want of a lousy lid.  If you find yourself searching for a lid, maybe this will help you out.

(Original posting 2012-Nov-21)


Update 2016-06-28

Someone expressed concern regarding the fitment of this lid to the cooker.  I’m assuming the seller is still providing the same (or a very similar) product, but I have no affiliation with them to be able to make a definitive statement.  However, I did realize that I never posted any pictures of my cooker with this replacement lid, and thought that might be useful to someone as well.

Here are a couple of images to illustrate general fitment on the cooker, as well as a close-up of the soft rubber gasket that does a nice job closing up any gaps between the lid and

20160628_180702  20160628_180806

20160628_180712  20160628_180750


  1. Comment by Lorie:

    THANK You! You are a time saver! I was having the same dilemma myself.

  2. Comment by Landis:

    Glad to hear it helped someone else. I almost didn’t post it!

  3. Comment by Jenny:

    Thank you for taking the time to post this. I just spent 2 hours trying to find a replacement and found your post. Your suggestion now ordered. Thanks again!

  4. Comment by Landis:

    Fantastic – I hope you like the new lid as much as we have! My wife says the seal on the replacement is better than the original, and the spoon holder in the lid is surprisingly more useful than one would think.

  5. Comment by ed:

    i have this same model cooker the tub in it broke rest is good

  6. Comment by Landis:

    Hi, Ed
    I checked the West Bend site, and it looks like they still have replacements available for the crock itself, part # P233-1, for $19.99. The URL I found this information at is http://westbend.com/support/replacement-parts/slow-cookers-crockery-cookers/crockery-cookers/84386-crockery-cooker-6-qt-oval.html
    Hope this helps.

  7. Comment by Becky:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I thought I was going to be out of luck when the Westbend site only had the replacement crocks, no lids. So glad I don’t have to get a whole new crockpot! Thanks again!

  8. Comment by Landis V:

    Glad to hear it Becky! These are such a good crock pot we really hated to lose it. Nice to see my experience has helped a few people.

  9. Comment by lynn simmers:

    I am looking for a manual for 84386 tell me how to get one please.

  10. Comment by Landis V:

    Hi, Lynn
    From what I can tell, the manual appears to be linked for download from this page on the West Bend site. The direct link to the PDF manual from that page is http://westbend.com/media/catalog/product/doc/L5617B_ElectronicCrock_All_3.pdf.

  11. Comment by steph:

    2 years later and your post still proves helpful. Thank-you for laying the groundwork!

  12. Comment by Landis V:

    Fantastic news, glad it was helpful Steph!

  13. Comment by Brenda:

    I am looking for a replacement lid for a slow cooker model #84386
    Do you have any to purchase and how much.

    Thank you for your help!

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  15. Comment by Scott:

    My glass lid is fine with the exception of the plastic knob on top. Does anyone have one of these left over from their broken lids? If so, I’ll purchase it from you!

  16. Comment by Marcelle:

    Are you guys sure the above lid fits the West Bend slow cooker model 84386?? Pls confirm

  17. Comment by Landis V:

    Assuming the seller is still providing the same product I bought several years ago, I’m completely sure it fits. I’m using it on mine 🙂 Thank you for your post, it made me realize that I hadn’t posted any pictures with the lid on my cooker, so I took a couple and updated the post.

  18. Comment by Lynn:

    It’s 2017, and the HB lid is still available from the same website! I’m crossing my fingers that it fits. I have been without this slow cooker for a year after the lid broke. I borrowed my mother’s Rival Crock Pot and just broke the insert. After being depressed, I checked for availability of WB lid again and came across this website. THANK YOU for sharing this information!

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